Fairy Detective Agency

I am a huge fan of Sally Gardner’s Fairy Detective Agency series. The writing is dazzling and challenges young readers with stonking vocabulary and description. The mysteries are filled with twists and turns and supernatural wonders. But it’s the characters that make this series really special. My daughter and I have shared each book in the series so far and have fallen in love with Fidget the human-sized talking cat; Buster the reluctant fairy; the over-dramatic Magic Lamp; and brave and determined Emily Vole, the non-fairy detective working in their midst.

The Flying Carpet Thief is the fifth book is the series and has kept us as enthralled as the previous four. David Robert’s illustrations are stunning as always and the re-designed covers are a joy!


‘A brand new mystery in the detective agency series brimming with mystery and magic by million-copy-selling author, Sally Gardner. The detectives at Wings and Co are in a bit of bother. There is a lost leprechaun on the loose and carpets are flying all over the village of Podgy Bottom, as if by magic. Oh, and worst of all, Fidget the cat has vanished on VERY URGENT business. It looks like a tricky case for our fairy detectives…’

This is a series that will appeal to independent readers who like their magic a bit more Brothers Grimm than Disney Princess. There are no pink and glittery fairies here! This is a world of magic in the ordinary and everyday. Fairies could be anywhere… and anyone. Your teacher could be a secret fairy. Or your next door neighbour. Or maybe…just maybe… you!

Emily Vole is a fiercely independent and intelligent character who is loyal and brave to the core. She is an awesome role model and this series will inspire and excite children across the board. I can’t recommend it enough.

You can get your copy here.

Source – kindly sent for review by Orion Children’s Books (Hachette)

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