Girls can drive fire engines too!

Erm… you guys… have you seen this gender-stereotype defying gem?

Here We Go! by Petite Boutique is a fab new lift-the-flap board book with a fun format. Each page has a giant tab in the shape of the wheel of the vehicle from the corresponding page, perfect for little fingers and hands. There’s lots of metallic and gloss finish to add a little extra shine to the tabs. But the real joy is inside…. where there are female characters doing stereotypically male jobs! Hurrah!

Last week my friend’s 4yr old daughter laughed at my suggestion that she could drive a fire engine when she grows up. “Girls can’t be firemen,’ she said. Yep! I launched into my ‘what about Penny in Fireman Sam?” speech and made a note-to-self to get some gender-stereotype busting books her way, pronto. And then along came this!

Each double page spread shows a different vehicle, with an equal number of male and female drivers, and lots of flaps to lift to find the passengers. There’s also a dog to spot on each page and simple facts to share. Bonus applause for the illustrator, Véronique Petit, for including children of colour, making this book even more inclusive and joyful.

A brilliant, contemporary update to a simple concept, I really love this one.

Petite Boutique is the new range of books for young children from Make Believe Ideas. They are creating some really fun books with fresh and funky twists on the usual board book ideas. 

Counting is another favourite of mine. Each page shows an animal in the shape of a numeral, with the corresponding number of counters to slide up and down and a deep indentation for little fingers to trace the numeral. It’s a brilliantly hands-on approach to a counting book, and sturdy enough to withstand a lot of playing.

Five Little Dinosaurs is also a gem. A rhyming reverse counting book, Five Little Dinosaurs has tactile, squishy heads for little ones to play with and, like Here We Go!, is equally gendered. I like the way they haven’t gone for the obvious stereotype and specified the pink dinosaur as female.

You can get your copies, and find out more about Petite Boutique here

Source – kindly sent for review by Make Believe Ideas


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