Where the World Ends

Oh this book! Sometimes a book is so Right that it feels like it couldn’t possibly be anything other than it is. No other author could have done it justice. No other subject matter or writing style could have improved it. 'Every time a lad came fowling on the St Kilda stacs, he went home... Continue Reading →

The Ghosts and Jamal

I want to share my love for this one far and wide because it has filled my heart on many levels. The Ghosts and Jamal is a beautifully written and important story that deserves to be read and celebrated widely. Reading this book has also introduced me to a new-to-me independent publisher, HopeRoad, who I... Continue Reading →

Elise and the Second Hand Dog

If you like your humour on the dark and quirky side then Elise and the Second Hand Dog is for you. A hidden gem, this middle grade adventure about a lonely child and her talking dog was an honour title in BookTrust's In Other Words initiative, a project set up to promote great writing from... Continue Reading →

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