If Found…

If Found Please Return to Elise Gravel (Drawn & Quarterly) is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Part sketch book, part inspiration manual, part how-to-draw book, it is like nothing I've come across before. Elise Gravel has given children an insight into her sketch book, her inspiration and her techniques. Designed in a sketch book format, complete with... Continue Reading →

Hiding Heidi by Fiona Woodcock 

Heidi and her friends love to play hide and seek. The trouble is, Heidi always wins. She can't help it - she's just too good! But Heidi soon learns that being hard to find can be hard to take, so she needs to come up with a plan... Hiding Heidi is a beautifully designed and deceptively... Continue Reading →

The Cloud by Hannah Cumming

The Cloud was Hannah Cumming's debut picture book in 2010. It's a stunner and she has since released The Lost Stars and The Red Boat. Seek them out, for I am sure they will please you greatly! The Cloud sees a happy group of children all enjoying their art class. All, that is, except one... Continue Reading →

Rabbityness by Jo Empson

Rabbityness is an ideal book for introducing children to the theme of loss or bereavement in a gentle and subtle way, with the added bonus of being bright, modern and fun; a book that will really appeal to children. Rabbit loves to do rabbity things like hopping and twirling his whiskers but he also loves... Continue Reading →

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