Win There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly with Child’sPlay books

October sees the 40 year anniversary of Child'sPlay's much-loved The Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly. To celebrate the anniversary of this classic book, the lovely folk at Child'sPlay would like to share the love and give you a chance to win your own Old Lady. We have 5 prizes of the brand new 40th... Continue Reading →

Gender non-specific characters

During discussions about the lack of female characters in children's picture books, I've noticed a few people saying that they swap the genders of characters as they read books to their children. It's easy enough to say 'she' rather than 'he' as you read along, and it can do wonders to balance out the genders.... Continue Reading →

Inclusive Minds

Beth Cox and Alexandra Strick work together under the name Inclusive Minds. Inclusive minds is a collective for all those with an interest in children's books and diversity, equality and accessibility in children's literature and are committed to changing the face of children's books. Despite only running for a few months it is already gathering... Continue Reading →

The Cloud by Hannah Cumming

The Cloud was Hannah Cumming's debut picture book in 2010. It's a stunner and she has since released The Lost Stars and The Red Boat. Seek them out, for I am sure they will please you greatly! The Cloud sees a happy group of children all enjoying their art class. All, that is, except one... Continue Reading →

RhinoReads interviewed by ReaditDaddy

As part of his #Readitmd13 campaign to encourage parents to read to their children, ReaditDaddy has spent the week interviewing children's book bloggers and today it was my turn. I was thrilled to take part and had extra cake to celebrate. Here is his full blog post for your viewing pleasure: #readitmd13 - "Brilliant Book... Continue Reading →

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