Paws Off My Book

Paws Off My Book by Fabi Santiago¬†is a joyous celebration of reading and finding your own way. With lots going on and gorgeous illustrations with bright fluorescent colours, this is a fab book for sharing and discussing. Olaf the giraffe is excited when he finds a book. He settles down to read it but is... Continue Reading →

I have faith in books

I have been holding things in my chest this week. Walking with them, thinking about them and weighing them against the world. Last night I wrote about a funeral that has made me look at life through new eyes. It had such a big impact on me because the woman we were celebrating, Claire, had... Continue Reading →

Reading at the Rainbow Library

Yesterday morning I spent a delicious couple of hours at the nursery where I have set up the Rainbow library. I played with the children, got to know them a bit and read a lot. It felt great and they seemed to really enjoy it. It was the first time I'd been in to read... Continue Reading →

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