What is a Crocodile’s Favourite Thing? By Ben Hawkes

So what is a crocodile's favourite thing? Perhaps it is driving a car made out of a sausage? Or could it be doing ballet while dressed as a princess? Or eating a dirty pants sandwich? Of course not, silly! But you'll have to read the book yourself to find out what it is. This book... Continue Reading →

Lion and Mouse by Catalina Echeverri

Rhino's and lions aren't always the best of friends but I shall make an exception for this dapper one. A mighty lion and a tiny mouse live next to each other and are best friends. The only trouble is Lion thinks he is better than Mouse in every way. And he shows it. Until one... Continue Reading →

Oh, Dog, How I Do love you!

I must admit, at the very start of this review, that I have a very heavy bias towards this book - It is a book about loving books! I am therefore genetically programmed to adore it and want to stroke it at regular intervals. Any book that starts with this: immediately has a place in... Continue Reading →

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