In this blog I will share new books as well as old favourites and older books newly discovered. I may also moan a little bit along the way. I’m passionate about equality, creativity and the power of books and reading. I believe that books can change the world and I aim to share them far and wide, changing the world one book at a time.

This blog came about as a result of this – a twitter and blogging debate about gender inequality in children’s books. And a summer holiday dedicated to books and the places they take us.

And so RhinoReads was created to hunt down quality, inclusive, positive and affirming books for children, teens and young adults; to prove that they really are out there and we don’t need to get sucked in to the depths of gender stereotypical marketing and outdated inequalities.

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  1. Hi Ms Rhino Reads. I’ve just enjoyed reading your ‘post rainbow fairies’ post and was delighted to see that you reference Carmen Haselhup’s post on gender in books as a trigger for your blog, and in her post she references mine… It’s a crazy linked world, but I love that my post has had an impact! best get back into blogging – fallen off the log recently, but things like this make me miss the power it has.

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