I love to get recommendations for quality books for children, teens and young adults, particularly books that inspire children, treat them like real little people and stomp on inequality. If you know of a book that will really make my day, please let me know.

All the books reviewed here are from my (daughter’s) personal collection or the library, unless otherwise stated. I wont accept payment for a review, it’s all my own opinion. If a publisher has been kind enough to send me a book for review I will clearly state so at the bottom of the post. I never guarantee to review a book and only review the ones that I genuinely love and want to recommend. I use the review copies sent to me to stock The Rainbow Library and Peacehaven Little Library, so they do all go to a very good home!

I have pledged to blog with integrity and I take the integrity of this site and my respect for readers of the blog and creators of the books very seriously.


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    1. Hi Ruth,
      To be completely honest it depends. I get a lot of requests and can’t read everything I get offered or I’d be even more behind with my review pile than I already am! But I don’t immediately say no just because a book has been self published. The best thing to do is email me with some info sbout your book. I look at each book individually and see if it shouts at me, if it looks like a good fit for the blog and if I’m intrigued enough to want to see a proper copy.
      Drop me a line at and we’ll chat.
      Thanks for getting in touch 🙂

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