“Why are crocodiles only boys?”

Today I went to read to the children from the Rainbow Library. I took What is a Crocodile's Favourite Thing and Open Very Carefully hoping that they would entice some reluctant listeners in from the corners. To some extent it worked. Open Very Carefully was an absolute hit and caught and held the attention of... Continue Reading →

Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray

Apple Pie ABC is no ordinary alphabet book. Oh no! It looks 'ordinary' in the face and laughs. This book is far too smart and stylish to ever be called ordinary. Alison Murray has taken the usual alphabet book format and mixed it with a traditional verse. And that is just where the story begins,... Continue Reading →

Primrose by Alex T. Smith

Quick! Look out the window! Do you see that? Do you? It's 'sunshine'. I know!! Take a photo of it, quick, the clouds will be back any second. In celebration of the sun making a very overdue appearance I have a new and deliciously sunshiny book to hug to my chest today. I give you... Continue Reading →

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