Lulu Loves the Library and Lulu Loves Stories

Continuing the celebration of the 'This is Me!' book packs by Inclusive Minds and Letterbox Library, I am grinning with book-joy brought about by the Lulu books by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw. I love a book about books. I love a book that celebrates stories and promotes reading and libraries. So imagine how happy... Continue Reading →

Pittipat’s Saucer of Moon – a case for rhythm

The benefits of poetry to young children are huge. They learn how to listen and understand. The use of language helps them fall in love with words and sounds, rhythms and structures. They pick up speech patterns and new vocabulary which in turn supports their ability to speak and learn to read and write. The... Continue Reading →

More Fab Female animal characters

The quest to highlight positive female animal characters in picture books continues. I have received brilliant suggestions through twitter and comments on my previous posts, thank you so much to everyone who is joining in the hunt. Between us, we have sourced some fabulous female crocodiles. But I am still yet to track down that... Continue Reading →

‘This is Me!’ Book packs

After a few weeks away from the blog I am back and picking up right where I left off, with the ever-inspiring Inclusive Minds and Letterbox Library. But this time... Together! Exciting, hey? In my previous posts I have chatted with Beth from Inclusive Minds and Fen from Letterbox Library and celebrated the amazing work... Continue Reading →

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