Wriggly Nativity

Picture books help children (and all of us) learn about the world around us - past, present and potential. And oh how children love to learn! Any new experience will inspire questions and ideas, and books support these questions - as well as the parents who are desperately trying to answer them against the repetitive... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas, Pip!

I do love a well thought out and designed activity book. When done well they can be an absolute joy - boredom-busting, educational, inspiring and above all, FUN! The Merry Christmas, Pip! Sticker Activity Book was the perfect surprise for Mollie to pull out of her artist's explorer satchel during the drive to Grandma and... Continue Reading →

Colin and the Snoozebox

Oh Colin! How I do love you! I am a big fan of pets with really-meant-to-be-a-person names. I think Herman the goldfish or Barry the dog would be winners! Imagine standing on your doorstep, shaking a box of cat treats and shouting "Colin.... Coooooooliiiiiiin. Come home to me, Colin!" Genius! Colin has a very special... Continue Reading →

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Ooooooo this book is pretty! I appreciate that's not the kind of thought out, meaningful and heartfelt review I usually produce on here. But it's Christmas, and at Christmas time I like a bit of pretty! I love the glitter and the window displays and the handmade decorations and the metallic sheen on everything. I... Continue Reading →

And the winner is……

The moment you've all been waiting for! The winner of the beautiful signed Jane Hissey print... So many entries! I was so thrilled with the response, but also a bit nervous. How would I pick a winner? How could I make it as fair as possible? Should I look into the technical widgets that draw... Continue Reading →

What Are You Playing At?

Sometimes a book comes along that makes me jump out of my seat and do a happy dance. It makes me thankful and thoughtful and incredibly grateful that there are people out there who care enough to produce books like it. Finding books like this makes the hours that I put into this blog entirely... Continue Reading →

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