A love letter to illustrators

I love art. I love drawing and painting and snipping out bits of paper and material, making little gorgeous things from fimo... I could go on. So when I realised my writing was heading in a picture book direction, I wanted in! I wanted to do the illustrations and create the theatre, the magic between... Continue Reading →

The Lost Books

I love books! Had you noticed? I love to stroke them and sniff them. I love the words and the stories and the rhythms and the structures. I love the illustrations and the play between them and the text, and the theatre of it all. I love getting review books and exploring my amazing local... Continue Reading →

The Rainbow Library Two

On Friday evening my good friend Gem came over to pick up the first batch of books for The Rainbow Library's second location. Alcohol was consumed, pizza was made and munched, and books were rifled through. There was much chatter about how to encourage the children and adults to get involved and use the library,... Continue Reading →

Gender non-specific characters

During discussions about the lack of female characters in children's picture books, I've noticed a few people saying that they swap the genders of characters as they read books to their children. It's easy enough to say 'she' rather than 'he' as you read along, and it can do wonders to balance out the genders.... Continue Reading →

The Rainbow Library is expanding!

The summer holidays are coming to an end. Parents are hurriedly labelling uniforms and buying last minute lunch boxes and pencil cases. Children are squeezing as much fun, sun and ice cream as possible into the last few days. I am sorting books. This summer, our house has been entirely taken over by books! I... Continue Reading →

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