IBGD 2014

Happy International Book Giving Day 2014! And what a stunner it has been! Today I have delivered books to 4 yr old superheroes... I've had a load of delicious book post for The Rainbow Library, come to terms with book death, and watched a very small boy climb onto a table so he could get... Continue Reading →

Book Death!

Earlier this week I experienced my first book death at The Rainbow Library - I had to withdraw a book for the first time in the year it's been running. The poor book was waaaay beyond sticky tape or book-surgery. It was gone. I'm sure books have been damaged or lost before, but this was... Continue Reading →

Books about books

Not much makes me happier than a book. And a book about books and storytelling is likely to make me do a little happy dance. I came across these stunners in my local children's book shop Bags of Books. I was looking for some great books to add to The Rainbow Library for International Book... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Library 4 is born!

Whoop! I did it again! The Rainbow Library 4: All set up ready for International Book Giving Day next week! This library is for the reception children at a primary school. It is sneakily tucked in next to the reading books in their cloakroom area so that children and parents can access both sets of... Continue Reading →

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