Christmas Countdown Week 1

The Advent Book Tree of Joy is working its magic again this year. With one book to open each night in the build up to Christmas, the first week has brought back some old favourites... Are You Ready For Christmas Santa is Coming to Sussex The Lion, the Unicorn and Me Winter's Child (For a... Continue Reading →


I grew up with The Land Before Time. It's the first film I can remember seeing at the cinema and one that I watched over and over on video. I loved those dinos! Such characters! So when Gigantosaurus arrived I was instantly whipped back to the eighties and my adventures with Cera, Ducky and Littlefoot.... Continue Reading →

The Odd One Out

Ah, spotting books. Those delicious non-fiction-with-a-twist gems. So much potential. And so often... a bit pants. Allow me to introduce you to the very definitely NOT pants The Odd One Out by Britta Teckentrup. This book is Beautiful! It lives up to the potential of the genre and delivers something truly stunning. Its cloth-effect cover... Continue Reading →

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Ooooooo this book is pretty! I appreciate that's not the kind of thought out, meaningful and heartfelt review I usually produce on here. But it's Christmas, and at Christmas time I like a bit of pretty! I love the glitter and the window displays and the handmade decorations and the metallic sheen on everything. I... Continue Reading →

My Zoo by Ellen Giggenbach

My Zoo by Ellen Giggenbach is a stunner of a playbook. Just look at this deliciousness: It takes the concept of the press out and play book and mixes it with stunning contemporary illustration and design, and Templar Publishing's incredibly high production values to create this: Everything about this book oozes thought and quality. The... Continue Reading →

More Fab Female animal characters

The quest to highlight positive female animal characters in picture books continues. I have received brilliant suggestions through twitter and comments on my previous posts, thank you so much to everyone who is joining in the hunt. Between us, we have sourced some fabulous female crocodiles. But I am still yet to track down that... Continue Reading →

Hans and Matilda by Yokococo

This book ticks all the boxes for me. It has a strong female animal character, it is quirky and clever, both in design and concept. It is a book that begs to be stroked, makes you smile and makes you think. Hans and Matilda was shortlisted for the Little Rebel Children's Book Award. Guest judge... Continue Reading →

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