WBD and An Announcement!

HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY!!! I am celebrating in lots of different ways today. But first... A little announcement I have been hugging hold of for a while.... *small drumroll* I am going to be reviewing children's books for Chicken Newspaper! A fantastic newspaper for young citizens. I am so excited about this project because there... Continue Reading →

International Book Giving Day is nearly here!

International Book Giving Day is THIS WEEKEND! A whole day dedicated to giving books to children...what could be better? If you are new to IBGD you can find out more here. You can also download beautifully designed bookmarks and bookplates to tuck into the books you donate. Find them here. It was IBGD 2013 that... Continue Reading →

A new partnership for The Rainbow Library

The Rainbow Library has always been about getting books into the hands of the children who really need them. That's why I set up libraries in local nurseries, primary schools and community groups that cater for children from disadvantaged areas. I have had some lovely success stories and have seen children go from using The... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Library number 5!

Woo hoooo! I've set up a fifth Rainbow Library! This one is a little different. It's for C.A.T.S. club - the local community after school club which provides a breakfast, after school and holiday play scheme for children aged 3-14 years from all the surrounding schools. Quite an age range to provide for! C.A.T.S. club... Continue Reading →

Back to the books

I love Autumn! It's like a cosy spring - woolly jumpers and hot chocolates, beautiful colours and transformations in nature and the sense of fresh starts and new beginnings. I have had a fantastic summer and feel like we have squeezed in every ounce of fun. But now Mollie is back at school and I... Continue Reading →

How Gove stole our books

For the past few months I have been quieter than normal, on the blog and on twitter. I have been fighting hard for education in my own little corner of the world. Now that things have come to a head I feel that it's the right time to lift my head above the parapet and... Continue Reading →

IBGD 2014

Happy International Book Giving Day 2014! And what a stunner it has been! Today I have delivered books to 4 yr old superheroes... I've had a load of delicious book post for The Rainbow Library, come to terms with book death, and watched a very small boy climb onto a table so he could get... Continue Reading →

Book Death!

Earlier this week I experienced my first book death at The Rainbow Library - I had to withdraw a book for the first time in the year it's been running. The poor book was waaaay beyond sticky tape or book-surgery. It was gone. I'm sure books have been damaged or lost before, but this was... Continue Reading →

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