Oh, Dog, How I Do love you!

I must admit, at the very start of this review, that I have a very heavy bias towards this book - It is a book about loving books! I am therefore genetically programmed to adore it and want to stroke it at regular intervals. Any book that starts with this: immediately has a place in... Continue Reading →


The Cloud by Hannah Cumming

The Cloud was Hannah Cumming's debut picture book in 2010. It's a stunner and she has since released The Lost Stars and The Red Boat. Seek them out, for I am sure they will please you greatly! The Cloud sees a happy group of children all enjoying their art class. All, that is, except one... Continue Reading →

RhinoReads interviewed by ReaditDaddy

As part of his #Readitmd13 campaign to encourage parents to read to their children, ReaditDaddy has spent the week interviewing children's book bloggers and today it was my turn. I was thrilled to take part and had extra cake to celebrate. Here is his full blog post for your viewing pleasure: #readitmd13 - "Brilliant Book... Continue Reading →

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