Elise and the Second Hand Dog

If you like your humour on the dark and quirky side then Elise and the Second Hand Dog is for you.

A hidden gem, this middle grade adventure about a lonely child and her talking dog was an honour title in BookTrust’s In Other Words initiative, a project set up to promote great writing from around the world.

‘Elise is lonely. Her mum is far away in Brazil helping to finish the building of a suspension bridge and her dad is busy trying to get by as a musician in the Danish city of Copenhagen where they live. So when Elise asks for a dog to keep her company, her dad finds it hard to refuse. But the dog that Elise ends up with is no ordinary dog. He is second-hand, he looks like an ugly rabbit, he smells of cheese…and he can talk!’

Translated from Bjarne Reuter’s original Danish by Sian Mackie, and illustrated by Kirsten Raagaard, Elise and the Second Hand Dog is a beautiful celebration of imagination and friendship and includes the best fictional Halloween party I have ever read.

Bjarne Reuter’s work is hugely well-known and celebrated in Denmark. Published by small independent publisher Wacky Bee, we are lucky to have this taster of his talent. Hurrah for independent publishers who celebrate talent and bring us the best.

You can get your copy here.

Source – kindly sent for review by Nicky Potter publicity and Wacky Bee.

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