Where the World Ends

Oh this book! Sometimes a book is so Right that it feels like it couldn’t possibly be anything other than it is. No other author could have done it justice. No other subject matter or writing style could have improved it.

‘Every time a lad came fowling on the St Kilda stacs, he went home less of a boy and more of a man. If he went home at all, that is… In the summer of 1727, a group of men and boys are put ashore on a remote sea stac to hunt birds. But this summer, no one arrives to take them home. Surely nothing but the end of the world can explain why they’ve been abandoned to endure storms, starvation and terror. How can they survive, housed in stone and imprisoned on every side by ocean?’

Where the World Ends is so beautifully done. Characters and storyline so immersive that you daren’t close the book for fear of abandoning them. Writing so flawless that you want to preserve it in your mind forever. Illustrations that lift the whole and make it soar.

In short, I think this book is perfect.

You can get your copy here.

Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean, bird illustrations by Jane Malloy, published by Usborne.

Source – recommended by, and bought from, The Book Nook indie bookstore

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