Martha and the Bunny Brothers – I Heart School

Today is a very special day – it’s Martha’s first day at school and she is SO excited! But first there are clothes to choose and a brand new bag to pack. But…what about Martha’s bunny brothers? How will she stop them from missing her while she’s gone? Could a Happy Bunny Club be just the answer?


I heart Martha! And I heart Clara Vulliamy for creating such a positive book for little people. The book’s blurb describes it as ‘beautifully sunny and positive’ and it is exactly that. And more!

It is so refreshing to find a book about starting school that is packed with positive experiences. There are no nerves, no tears, no imagined scenarios of school trauma here. Not on Clara’s watch! In this book Martha can’t wait to go to school and is full of the excitement of the morning’s preparations.

And what fun she has! There are so many favourite things to choose from and so much to do to get ready. Each page is like a little party, bursting with colour and collage and pattern, celebrating the things that young children hold dear. Their favourite toys, their favourite clothes, the adventure of breakfast and the dreams of the future.


I love the way Martha talks. She waves out and chats directly to you about her crazy day. The speech beautifully emulates children’s speech, without going over the top or becoming patronising, so you get the energy and excitement and character bouncing out at you from page one.

I think the key to the success of this book is Clara Vulliamy’s ability to absolutely get children. Martha and the Bunny Brothers is testament to her ability to put herself right into their shoes (or spotty wellies) and portray their thoughts, characters and imaginings through her text and illustrations. When Martha finally makes it to school she can’t imagine the bunny brothers going about their day without her. Instead she freeze frames them waiting for her return. How true to life! Children really do live in the moment. And what a perfect way to show Martha’s character.


So a big rhino hurrah from me for a book bursting with colour, energy and fun that portrays children positively and perfectly.

In honour of Clara’s genius book and Martha’s sunshine approach to life, I have made a mini Martha to remind me to always look on the sunny side.


Clara’s website is just as sunshiny as her books. Check it out here.

Source: Our bookshelves.

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