Bernard by Rob Jones

Bernard is the tale of a misunderstood wild hound. Feared by local villagers who believe he wishes to eat them… All Bernard really wants to get his jaws around is a jar of strawberry jam!


A brilliant book for Halloween, Bernard is the debut of new author/illustrator Rob Jones and the first book from new publishing venture Beast In Show Books.

I’m really excited about these guys. If this book is anything to go by their design standards are going to be sky high and we are in for some real treats. Bernard has that rare quality of rhyming prose that flows beautifully, as well as a story that builds perfectly and will have children squealing with delight. The illustrations are reminiscent of Roobard and Custard with a classy touch of Kazuno Kohara and the design is just delicious!


Bernard has made such an impression on our household that we have made him the star of our pumpkin.


Hurrah for Bernard and the brilliant team behind it. More like this please!!

Source – kindly sent for review by Beast In Show Books.

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