Your Hand in My Hand

Your Hand in My Hand by Mark Sperring and Britta Teckentrup is deliciously scrummy! I wish I could photograph every page and share the delightful illustrations with you. Or pop round to every single one of your homes to give you a look. Instead, I’ll share a glimpse and you can all go out and find a copy to coo over and stroke a bit.


Your Hand in My Hand takes the reader for a lyrical stroll through the seasons, following these two loveable mice.


Each double spread shows them sharing the wonders of nature and enjoying their time together, dancing along a path, gazing in wonder at rainbows, cuddling up together against the cold. These are illustrations sure to tug on parental heart-strings everywhere. They perfectly describe the closeness and shared wonder of the adult/child relationship.

Wearing just a red scarf, the adult mouse could represent any adult of any gender, making this book representative of any adult/child relationship and relevant to any family set up. Hurrah!

Mark Sperring’s text is a gentle joy matched perfectly with Britta Teckentrup’s contemporary art. This is a book that will continue to please with so much to point out and share in the illustrations. A wonderful cuddle-up-together story, Your Hand in My Hand is an absolute delight.

I’m going to be passing this on to a mum-to-be who is preparing for her own hand in hand adventures.
You can buy your copy here.

Source: kindly sent for review by Orchard Books.

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