Women ROCK!

There’s no denying that our young women have some stunningly good role models to look up to. There’s a rich herstory of game-changing women across all fields of life. The key is re-writing the history books to bring these women to the surface and celebrate them as they deserve. And that’s where books like these come in to play. Amazing Women and 100 Women Who Made History from DK Publishing are fantastic resources. They are accessible, fun and packed with information.

What impressed me the most about these books is the sheer range of women, topics and fields covered. There is something here to engage and inspire every child, no matter what their interest, love or ability.

100 Women Who Made History is perhaps the more accessible of the two, with small chunks of text and lots of pictures making it a wonderful reference book to dip into. Covering Clued-up Creatives, Super Scientists, Inspiring Campaigners, Leading Ladies, Intrepid Entrepreneurs and Amazing Achievers there really is something for everyone.

I particularly like the ‘who came before…’ and ‘who came after…’ sections, really giving the reader a sense of how women inspire and pave the way for each other. It’s a very inspiring touch.

Amazing Women by Caryn Jenner is a level 4 book in the DK reading series. It’s more suited for children who can read independently and confidently and the text is much more involved than in 100 Women. Split into 7 chapters covering women who changed the world, world leaders, explorers, science and medicine, creative women, business leaders and sports sensations, Amazing Women introduces each area with a brief history of changes for women and then focuses on specific women across the field.

I love that, as well as more well-known women, these books highlight women around the world who are working to make the future bigger and brighter for the next generation. These books really are filled to the brim with role models.

Inspirational and empowering, these books belong in every school library. They really are incredible resources for the next generation of world changing women.

You can get your copies here – Amazing Women100 Women Who Made History 

Source – kindly sent for review by DK Books.

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